Haida Gwaii Invertebrates

Sloan, N.A., P.M. Bartier and W.C. Austin. 2001. Living Marine Legacy of Gwaii Haanas. II: Marine Invertebrate Baseline to 2000 and Invertebrate-related Management Issues. Parks Canada - Technical Reports in Ecosystem Science. Report 35. 331pp,

This is the first major overview of marine invertebrates from the Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) region. This inventory is in a spatio-temporal geographic information system (GIS) database which includes about 25,000 records of 2,503 species from 2,900 localities. It is intended to eventually make the data base available on the World Wide Web. 

Also included in the report is:

  • a review of Haida knowledge of, and words for marine invertebrates.
  • a history of regional marine invertebrate zoology over the past 120 years.
  • a discussion of regional biodiversity and biogeography
  • an analysis of marine area management
  • detailed bibliographies